Getting to Wilkeson Pointe (and Sunday’s Invasion)

Wilkeson Pointe is a new gem along Buffalo’s remarkable (but under-utilized) Outer Harbor. The Pointe been recently worked on (article), with bathrooms, public docking (if you want to boat down), and some really cool Wind Sculptures (here). It’s a great spot for a Reading Invasion, though it’s less familiar than most of our previous locations. So…some directional help for those directionally needy:

 [Coming from the North] Take the skyway (can be accessed via the 190 or taking Elmwood south all the way until it ends) up and over the Buffalo river. Get off at the Outer Harbor Drive exit. Turn right onto Fuhrmann Boulevard. Stay on this until you arrive at Wilkeson Pointe (on the lefthand side).
[Coming from the South] Take the Route 5 north, and get onto Fuhrmann Blvd north before you go over the Skyway.  Stay on Fuhrmann Blvd until you arrive at Wilkeson Pointe (on the lefthand side).

Biking around the Outer Harbor is easy and enjoyable, with bike lanes galore.  However, getting there, at this point, is a little tricky, particularly with construction along Ohio St. Best bet: Take Michigan, cross the shipping canal, take a left of Ganson St., and then cross the river at the Ohio Street Bridge. Once across, just ride up the Furhmann til you get to Wilkeson Pointe.

BY BOAT: There are public docks at Wilkeson Pointe, so feel free to pull your boat up and join the Invasion that way!

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