Picture from June 2021:

Pictures from the 2018 Season:

Columbus Park…

Bidwell Parkway…

Pictures from the 2017 season:

Pictures from the August 2015 Reading Invasion at Symphony Circle

IMG_4411 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4411

Pictures from July’s Reading Invasion in the Pelion Community Garden

IMG_4181 IMG_4185 IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4195 IMG_4196 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4219 IMG_4223

Pictures from previous Invasions…

DSCN5505 DSCN5501 DSCN5503 DSCN5505 DSCN5508 DSCN5513 DSCN5515 IMAG1544 IMAG1539 IMAG0282 IMAG0287 IMAG0293 IMAG0290 IMAG0286 IMAG0298 IMG_0108 IMG_0098 (1) IMG_0103 IMG_0112 (1) IMG_0113 IMG_0099 IMG_1252 IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1263 IMG_1260 IMG_1275 IMG_1479 IMG_1490 First Reading Invasion of 2014 IMG_2617 IMG_2626 IMG_2690 IMG_2706 IMG_2708 IMG_2737 IMG_2750


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