the Reading Invasion for tonight is ON

Hi Buffalo friends: 

Despite the rainy weather all day, it looks like things are brightening up, and so we will be meeting tonight  at 7pm as planned. The ground may be a little wet, so bring chairs! 

Please NOTE: Bidwell Pkwy just east of Elmwood is roped off and uncut, so we will be meeting on the WEST side of Elmwood (thanks, Barbara!)

Hope to see you tonight!

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Reading Invasion this Tuesday night

Buffalo Friends: 

Despite some rainy weather coming our way Monday night, we are still hopeful, optimistic, and planning to hold Tuesday’s Reading Invasion as scheduled. Remember to bring chairs or something to sit on. 

We’ll be gathering along Bidwell Parkway just east of Elmwood Avenue from 7pm – 8pm. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

NOTE: If the rain fails to let up, we will be holding two more Reading Invasions this summer: 

on Tuesday July 11th (location TBA)

on Thursday August 4th (location TBA)

Stay tuned for more information at

on Twitter @Readinginvasion    
on Facebook @buffaloreadinginvasion

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The First Invasion of the Summer: Tuesday June 7th!

Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Reading Invasion!

This summer, the Buffalo Reading Invasion is celebrating its 10th year of organizing large gatherings of readers in many of Buffalo’s most beautiful outdoor spaces. 

Please join us on Tuesday June 7th from 7pm – 8pm to mark this special anniversary. We will be gathering in the same place we did ten years ago: at Bidwell Parkway along Elmwood Avenue. 

Please bring a book and bring a friend, and join us for an hour of reading, relaxing, and gathering the evening of June 7th along one of our most beautiful public spaces.

For more information please contact Geoff Schutte at 

on Twitter @Readinginvasion     

on Facebook @buffaloreadinginvasion

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Coming this summer: the 10th anniversary of the Buffalo Reading Invasion!

This summer marks the 10th anniversary of the Buffalo Reading Invasion, and we are looking to make this year a special one. Stay tuned for updates on dates and locations, but please put Tuesday June 7th on your calendar, as we will be kicking off our outdoor reading season that night!

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1st Reading Invasion of 2021: Monday June 28th!

Buffalo Friends: 

We are pleased to announce the first Buffalo Reading Invasion of 2021.  Please consider joining us (and please pass this information along) on Monday June 28th from 7pm – 8pm in Bidwell Parkway for a special return to reading and gathering and celebrating in our incredible public spaces–together. 

Much of this will feel like it has always felt: we will gather in our beautiful parkway, with books and blankets, chairs and Kindles, snacks and drinks and friends. We hope everyone will honor the time we are living in, keeping ourselves safely spaced and properly protected.

As for the rest? It’s as simple as plopping down with a good book and sharing the experiences of reading together. 

We hope you can make it. 

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We’re back!! A summer 2021 Reading Invasion is coming soon.

Stay tuned…

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August Reading Invasion Announced!

Buffalo Friends:

I am writing to you with exciting news about the final Reading Invasion of the summer. Next Tuesday, August 13th,  in partnership with the Downtown Library and various community groups, we will be celebrating the opening of the new Buffalo Reading Park located directly outside the downtown library.
Part of a full day of exciting activities and events, the Reading Invasion will be the concluding event of the day. From 5:30pm to 6:30, we’ll be setting up outside the downtown library branch for an hour of quiet reading in one of Buffalo’s newest and most exciting public spaces.
Please join us at 5:30, but also consider coming down for activities all afternoon. Events start at 12, and the library will be staying up until 7 (if you need to use the bathroom or pick out a book).
Please spread the word about this special event and come join us next Tuesday in Buffalo’s Reading Park.

Reading Park Green Pub8-2-2019

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Some pics from the July Reading Invasion at 5 Points

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July Reading Invasion

The July Reading Invasion is set to take place on Monday July 8th at 7pm in the Five Points neighborhood on Buffalo’s West Side. We’ll be setting up in front of 5 Points Bakery on the big grassy lawn at the corner of West Utica and Brayton.

Please bring a book, a chair or blanket to sit on, and your friends and family for a wonderful night of reading and gathering in one of Buffalo’s most unique neighborhoods. The Invasion is set to begin at 7pm and will last until 8pm.

Please spread the word and we hope to see you next Monday!

Find us on Facebook at

and on Twitter at


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