Frequently Asked Questions

A Few FAQs for those who are new to this (which is everyone):

How does this work? 

There is no official starting gun, nor will anyone be walking around saying “Readers take your mark…” The easiest rule: show up around 7pm, find a comfortable spot to read, open your book, and enjoy. Around 8ish, or anytime after, people start to close books, say hello, and the night slowing dissolves after that…

Why do we do this?

For starters, because we love reading and believe in its importance, and particularly in modeling this importance for young people. We also believe that Buffalo has some incredible public spaces that deserve spending time in and that we have an incredibly vibrant literary scene that deserves recognition.

What if I have young children? Are they welcome? 

Yes! In fact, one of the points of this event is to show the next generation that reading matters.

Does this cost anything or do I need to sign up?

Not at all. This is a totally free, totally open, totally public event.

What should I bring (besides a book)?

We suggest you bring a blanket to lay on or a chair to sit in. Many of us bring snacks and a picnic as well.

Are electronic reading devices–like my Kindle–allowed?

While we can’t vouch for or control others, we promise there will be no official judgement of the Word Delivery Device (WDD) you employ, the quality of your book, the number-of-literary-awards your literature has won, or even if you are reading Shades of Grey. We promise!

What if it rains? 

While we are hearty types, there is no point in being miserable. We will always set a rain date–usually the following week, same time/same place.




3 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Rebecca says:

    How far in advance to you typically announce the location?

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