Buffalo Reading Invasion 2013 Dates

Hello everyone! After a winter off (from gathering, not reading, l hope), we are finally back with a schedule and a plan and a renewed excitement about getting together once again for the 2nd year of Buffalo Reading Invasions.

Last year we held three invasions; this year, we plan on having them once a month until the weather drives us indoors. Like last year, we’ll be announcing the locations right before the event (in keeping with our flash-mob roots), but we are setting the dates more in advance. And so, this year’s Buffalo Reading Invasion schedule:

Monday June 3rd,   7pm – 8pm, location TBA

Monday July 1st,  7pm – 8pm, location TBA

Early August

Early September

Early October

Please help spread the word, encourage and invite others, and most importantly, find a good book to bring to the occasion.

We’ll be announcing locations via:


on Twitter @Buffreadinginvasion

and on Facebook/BuffaloReadingInvasion

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5 Responses to Buffalo Reading Invasion 2013 Dates

  1. Robert Bennett says:

    would it be possible to not have them on a Monday night, or at least various nights of the week? I’m busy every Monday this summer, and I’d like to get out to one of these

  2. I just happened to come across a tweet about this. What an awesome idea! Riverside Park might be one to consider too. The Sunset Drum Circle is there every Sunday but it would be nice to see a Reading Invasion on another night. Keep up the great work! It’s ideas like these that keep this city moving forward 🙂

  3. mattS says:

    Reblogged this on Gas Station Burrito.

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