Location of Reading Invasion II on August 20th: Larkin Square!!

That’s right! If you haven’t been, then you are in for a special treat; If you have been, you’ll know why we are excited about this one. This Monday, August 20th from 7pm – 8pm, the Reading Invasion will be taking over Larkin Square, located at the corner of Seneca and Swan. One of the great new public spaces in Buffalo, Larkin Square should be a perfect place for reading and celebrating this act together!

Larkin Square, for those who haven’t been, is filled with chairs and grassy areas and places to sit, so bring a chair or blanket or just find a place to plop down and read from 7pm – 8pm. Additionally, the Grill, an outdoor bar and grill, will be open until 8, serving food and drinks (if anyone is interested)

Can’t wait to see you then!!

Directions: http://larkinsquare.com/location/






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